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I am capable of working on a variety of different projects. For the tech savvy out there that means that I am a polyglot which basically means someone who knows or uses several programming languages. I can do web development which means creating websites. Additionally I know how to work server side so creating servers and setting up databases for example. And I even have the ability to create mobile and desktop applications cross platform.

Good For

Web Development

Web Development is when you create websites and web applications for clients (users) to interact with. This is referred to as working on the front end.


Server-side means creating backend systems which can include databases and servers which can hold information that can be accessed on the front end.

Mobile Development

Mobile Development basically means creating applications that work on either iOS or Android phones. These apps can then be downloaded and installed from the app stores.

Native Development

Native Development allows for the creation of cross-platform desktop apps. These apps can be run on macOS, Windows, Linux and other platforms.

Design Skills

Programming is my main skill however I do have a design background as well. This very website is my own custom design. I like being versatile and this ability to design my own creatives if I need to makes me unique as not all Developers can work with design tools.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Inc. for Windows and macOS.


Figma is a vector based design and prototype tool which is used for creating User Interfaces (UI).